Specialists in clean air solutions

Take care of the health and the comfort of your staff

Protect your production equipment

Improve the energy efficiency of your installations

Protect the environment

EcoTech offers specialized solutions and project certificates, manufacturing and installation for industrial dusting and filtering. Given that the need for clean air systems is constantly growing and development, our approach to customer relationships is to understand the issues we are asked to be solved by offering tailor-made solutions to each customer.

Whether you need to protect your working environment from harmful dust or vapors or to prevent industrial hazards, EcoTech offers you turnkey solutions that cover:

  • Industrial ventilation
  • Dust extraction
  • Filtration
  • Pneumatic transport

Job security: Employer's duty

Also, through the solutions and products offered, we pay special attention to the laws and norms on the protection of work and the environment.

Employers must ensure that their employees can work safely without risk toing their health. They must implement the necessary measures to prevent industrial hazards and educate and inform employees about the risks. A negligent employer is ultimately responsible.

Our ATEX experience: improving safety at work

The certification of the quality management system is a proof of the seriousness and the competence our company has made over the years, performing works at a corresponding quality level to the strictest standards of the European Union.


EcoTech supports the fight against pollution!

Air pollution with dust, smoke, vapors and gases from industrial sources, transport, etc. poses a problem with many economic, medical and social implications in urban populated centers and even in some rural neighborhoods adjacent to them.

More than


 equipments installed in recent years


2.500.000 m3

of exhausted air



years in the fight against industrial pollution

Distributors of top


suppliers of exhaust equipment


We evaluate existing installations and offer solutions for upgrading and optimizing their operation.


We design the most efficient equipment for dust, sawdust, smoke, VOC and particle extraction up to 0.4 microns. We manufacture and install exhaust, filter and dust extraction equipment, providing our customers with safety according to the most demanding rules.


For our installations during both warranty and post-warranty period, we ensure that they operate according to the design parameters.

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